Monday, 1 August 2016

200 Questions for G.K. (General Knowledge) Paper-I BSNL JE Exam 2016

200 Questions for G.K. (General Knowledge)

Paper-I (General Ability) includes General Knowledge questions. Average 5 questions asked in previous BSNL JE Exams.

Practice Questions - part-I  General knowledge

Q.1.     The National Technology Day is observed on…… mark the successful nuclear tests conducted by India at Pokhran.
            (a) 8th May                                        (b) 9th May                                        (c)10th May
            (d) 11th May                                      (e) 12th May

Q.2.     Which of the following States has introduced a luxury train, the Deccan Oddyssey, like the ‘Palace on Wheels’ in Rajasthan?
            (a) Gujarat                                         (b) Maharashtra                    (c) Karnataka
            (d) Orissa                                           (e) Andhra Pradesh

Q.3.     The National Highways network in India is………..kms at present.
            (a) 50,000                                          (b) 52,000                                          (c) 54,000
            (d) 56,000                                          (e) 58,000

Q.4.     Where are the 2020 Olympics scheduled to be held?
            (a) Beijing                                          (b) Tokyo                                           (c) Moscow
            (d) Rome                                            (e) Atlanta

Q.5.     The Proton car, which plans to set up a subsidiary in India, belongs to which of the following countries?
            (a) South Korea                                 (b) Malaysia                           (c) Japan        
            (d) USA                                                 (e) Frances

Q.6.     Which of the following is the world’s largest exporter of tea?
            (a) India                                               (b) China                                (c) Kenya
            (d) Sri Lanka                                      (e) Russia

Q.7.     What is CODEX?
            (a) A defence exhibition       (b) A joint military exercise between the three defence forces
            (c) A monsoon experiment  (d) A communication satellite
            (e) None of these

Q.8.     The largest Hindu temple outside India in located in which of the following countries?
            (a) The UK                                         (b) USA                                   (c) Indonesia
            (d) Nepal                                            (e) Canada

Q.9.     What is Blue Gene?
            (a) A computer virus             (b) A search engine
            (c) A scientific programme  (d) A computer hacker
            (e) None of these

Q.10.  Who has directed the film, ‘Bhopal Express’, starting Naseeruddin Shah and based on the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy?
            (a) Kaizad Gustad                                          (b) Mahesh Mathai
            (c) Manoj Shyamalan                                   (d) Santosh Sivan
            (e) None of these