Sunday, 28 January 2018

28 Jan 2018 Current Affairs Questions of the Day | Test-28 from

Questions of the Day    28/01/2018              Test-13

Q.1. Men Single title of Austrelia Open 2018 won by
(a) M Cilic
(b) M  Chung
(c) Roger Fedrer
(d) RefelNadal

Q.2. Who of the following had highest no of Grand Slam titles
(a) Roger Fedrer
(b) Refel Nadal
(c) Pete Sampras
(d) A Agassi

Q.3. India &_____________Release First-Ever Commemorative Stamps
(a) Viatnam
(b) Philipiens
(c) Maleshia
(d) Singapore

Q.4. Thien Mu Pagoda is situated in
(a) Cambodia
(b) Viatnam
(c) Thailand
(d) Myanmar

Q.5. The first woman chairman of Indian Banks’ Association (IBA).
(a) Usha Anantha Subramanian
(b) Arundhati Bhattcharcharya
(c) Chanda Kochar
(d) Shilpi Varshney

Q.6. Who won the record of the year award in  Garmmy 2018
(a) Bruno Mars
(b) Christopher Brody Brown
(c) Alessia Cara
(d) Ed Sheeran

Q.7. Which of the following has become the India’s first indigenously developed vaccine to be pre-qualified by World Health Organisation (WHO)?
(a) Rotavac
(b) Pneumococcal
(c) Rabishield
(d) None of above

Q.8. Jesus in Asia is a book of
(a) R.S. Sugirtharajah
(b) Rosie Llewellyn-Jones
(c)  Steven Levitsky
(d)  Tom Fernandez

Q.9. Which of following aren't allowed inside the MRI room.
(a) Metallic medical implants
(b) Oxegen cylinders
(c) clothing with metallic fibers
(d) Any object containing metal including all of above

Q.10. Dr. Satish Tailor of Rajasthan is in news, he has
(a) Developed NewVaccine
(b) DevelopedNew thermal spray coating technology
(c)  Padma  Awardee 2018
(d) None of above